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Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics

What APS Students Are Doing

Current Students

Summer KluckSummer Kluck
3/20/2007 10:50 AM
Summer placed second in the American Society of Agronomy's undergraduate research competition in Indianapolis, 2006, for work she conducted on the genetics of barley resistance to two diseases. She was also named a Golden Opportunities Scholar of the Crop and Soil Science Association. She attended the Corn Breeders School, University of Illinois, Urbana in March 2007. Summer is an APS major in Plant Improvement.

Jamie Seitzer
3/20/2007 10:45 AM
Jamie spent a month studying agriculture in France during summer semester 2006 and also traveled to Brazil. Jamie received the Holmberg Scholarship from the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, fall 2006, in recognition of exceptional grades and involvement on campus. He was a Minnesota delegate to the Agriculture Future of America Leadership Conference in Kansas City, fall 2005.

Megan Reeck
3/20/2007 10:45 AM
Megan completed a study abroad session in Costa Rica in January 2007.

Nathan KosbauNathan Kosbau
3/20/2007 10:45 AM
Nathan is the founder and conductor of St. Paul Chorus, a student organization at the University which performs publicly. A recent article in the Minnesota Daily highlighted the group and Nathan's musical talent.
Nathan is an APS major in Agroecology.

Greg Reynolds
3/20/2007 10:45 AM
Greg was an intern at UMORE Park in 2006. Greg is an APS major in Agroecology.

Departmental Scholarships

2008 Recipients
Karl Butenhoff,  Howard C. Abraham Scholarship
Kathryn Kokkila, Laddie Elling Scholarship
Rachael Dahlman, Howard C. Abraham Scholarship
Benjamin Carlson, William M. Meyer Scholarship
Jessica Bubert, Laddie Elling Scholarship 

2007 Recipients
Jessica Bubert, Laddie Elling Scholarship
Danielle Dykema, Oliver Strand Scholarship
Justin Brown, Bert Enestvedt Scholarship

2006 Recipients
Jamie Seitzer - Laddie Elling Scholarship
Adam Mayer - Oliver Strand Scholarship
Andrew Daberkow - Larry Smith Scholarship
Summer Kluck - Hartwig Scholarship
Reza Serajzadeh - Abraham Scholarship

APS Graduates

Mike KantorMike Kantor - 2006
3/20/2007 11:05 AM
Mike is a graduate student in Applied Plant Sciences, University of Minnesota working with Dr. Paul Porter. Mike's thesis research involves evaluation of germplasm variability in rye grass and identification of plant material with traits suitable for use as a cover crop in northern tier states.

Ryan ThelmanRyan Thelman - 2006
3/20/2007 11:05 AM
Ryan is a graduate student in Applied Plant Sciences, University of Minnesota, working with Dr. Craig Sheaffer. Ryan is researching the effect of landscape position (hillslopes, wet soils, hilltops) on biomass crops such as willow, poplar, corn, and switchgrasss. The results of his research will be used to determine landscape placement of these crops that will maximize production while permitting reduced usage of inputs such as fertilizers and tile drainage.

Lillian MaigidowLillian Maigidow - 2006
3/20/2007 11:05 AM
Lillian is a graduate student in Weed Ecology at Cornell University.

APS Program Highlights