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Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics

Porter, Paul M.

Research and education; cropping systems.

PhD: Illinois (1986)
Year Appointed: 1995
Rank: ProfessorPaul Porter
Primary Responsibilities
: Research and education; cropping systems, agroecology, rye cover crop.

Professional Interests and Responsibilities:  Paul’s research focuses on cropping systems involving crop rotations, rye as a cover crop, and alternative crops.  Paul teaches several courses annually (World Food Problems, Evaluating Starvation, Agroecosystems Analysis Field Course, Agroecosystems of the World, and Environment, Global Food Production, and the Citizen) and is currently coordinator of the Agricultural Industries and Marketing (AIM) undergraduate degree as well as the International Agriculture minor.  He has served on the board of directors for MISA and the Northwest Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnership.

In Spring 2009 and Spring 2010 Paul rode a bicycle 12,000 km across 10 African countries. Using satellite phone technologies, Paul co-taught courses while in Africa (Food and Agriculture from Cairo to Cape Town at 10 mph).  Visit his blog site to hear his stories and see amazing photographs of the people, food and agroecosystems he encountered.  In Fall 2011 he co-taught the course 'Food and Agriculture from Buenos Aires to Lima at 10 mph' while riding a bicycle 6,000 km through four South American countries.  Visit for stories related to those agroecosystems.

A visit to EARTH University in Fall 2012 to learn about their pedagogical philosophy was followed by a short return to Somalia in early 2013. 

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