Barley and Oat Breeding Researcher

Job Opening ID 309123

Job Posting Title Researcher 3

Desired Start Date 05/15/2016

Required: Bachelors degree in agronomy/plant genetics or related plus 2 years experience or a combination of education and experience to total six years.

About the job: This position has responsibility for overseeing and conducting essential research activities for barley and oat breeding research that will lead to new information, genetic stocks, and new varieties. Work will involve developing breeding populations, designing and setting up field experiments, measuring plant traits in field trials, collecting, organizing, and summarizing data, sampling plant tissue for genotyping, using genotype and phenotype data to characterize breeding lines, and summarizing results for reports.

Responsibilities: 1. Designing and setting up field trials using small plot equipment - i.e. planter, cultivator, combine. Must be willing and able to obtain a commercial driver's license to transport equipment to off-campus locations. Must be able to use R and Excel to design trials and data sheets. Some overnight travel is required for off-campus research sites. 20% 2. Collecting and organizing data from field trials. Includes collecting disease note data and other visual observations. Will also involve using remote sensing devices to collect data. Using handheld tablets and computers to organize and store information on local hard drives as well as uploading to online databases. 20% 3. Summarizing data for reports and conducting basic statistical analysis. Conduct basic summaries across multiple trials or locations using analysis of variance. Carry out mean separation tests such as t test or LSD. Create tables and figures. Produce descriptive text for reports. 20% 4. Organizing and maintaining seed inventory. This includes cleaning seed, packaging and storing. Keeping a seed inventory and being able to quickly locate seed stocks. Identify when stocks are low and conduct seed increase. Package seed for shipping to research collaborators. 10% 5. Growing plants in the greenhouse and making cross pollinations to generate seed for new breeding or genetics populations.Sampling tissue forom plants to be sent for genotyping. Tracking genotype data, conducting quality control and formatting for downstream analysis. 30%

Preferred: 1-3 years of experience designing and setting up field trials; summarizing data report and conducting basic statistical analysis.

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