Jitendra Kumar

Researcher 5 - Muehlbauer Lab
1551 Lindig St. (USDA Cereal Disease Lab)
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Plant molecular biology, disease resistance, reverse genetics, epigenetic


My research at UMN is focused on the development and characterization of Fusarium head blight (FHB) disease resistance in durum wheat. We used epigenetic modifications to generate FHB resistance in advanced durum lines. Currently, I am studying the details of resistance that were generated by epigenetic modifications. In another project, I am working on the development of anon-transgenic method of genetic engineering in important crops such as wheat and corn.

During my doctoral research, I discovered a novel mastrevirus, WDIV, from wheat and developed a virus-induced gene silencing vector. Based on the findings of my doctoral research, I received a national award, NASI-Young Scientist Award. In another project, I detected and characterized begomoviruses and associated satellites infecting economically important crops in India. In my M.S., I worked on cotton leaf curl viruses and methods of generating resistance against it. Apart from research, I enjoy outdoor trips and photography.