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What is Critical Allyship? Eugene Law

"Critical Allyship is utilizing one’s privilege, which arises from one’s positionality within a system of oppression, to take meaningful action to advance the goals of the oppressed. Critical Allyship requires aspiring allies to embrace the collective responsibility to deconstruct these systems in the interest of equity and justice...."


A group of Agronomy and Plant Genetics Department members gather at a social coffee and learn about upcoming DEI programming

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Prabin Bajgain (since 2022)

Mitch Hunter (since (2023)

Jake Jungers (since 2021)


Karen Beaubien (since 2020): 

My experiences working with a diversity of co-workers in the Agronomy and Plant Genetics department led me to pursue the Office for Equity and Diversity Advanced Certificate

Emily Conley (since 2023):

I am interested in working together with the committee to create a culture of inclusivity in our department's research labs, where all our students and researchers are valued for who they are and the unique perspectives they bring. I also participated in the Office for Equity and Diversity's Advanced Certificate program.

Shane Heinen (since 2021)


Maybell Banting (since 2023)

Stephen Gregg (since 2023)

Lucas Roberts (since 2023)


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