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"Diversity is in our science"

April 30, 2021

by Walid Sadok

"Diversity is the most important tool of our science. How else can we solve complex world food problems without a diversity of people, perspectives, scientific disciplines and even crops and varieties? How can we design innovative climate-resilient cropping systems for various cultural and socioeconomic contexts ..." 


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Prabin Bajgain (since 2022)

Mitch Hunter (since (2023)

Jake Jungers (since 2021)


Karen Beaubien (since 2020): 

My experiences working with a diversity of co-workers in the Agronomy and Plant Genetics department led me to pursue the Office for Equity and Diversity Advanced Certificate

Emily Conley (since 2023):

I am interested in working together with the committee to create a culture of inclusivity in our department's research labs, where all our students and researchers are valued for who they are and the unique perspectives they bring. I also participated in the Office for Equity and Diversity's Advanced Certificate program.

Shane Heinen (since 2021)


Maybell Banting (since 2023)

Stephen Gregg (since 2023)

Lucas Roberts (since 2023)


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