Name Position/title Email Phone
Dossou Ayelola Roland Akakpo Post-Doctoral Associate- Morrell Lab [email protected]
Karen Beaubien Researcher - Smith Lab [email protected] 612-624-3252
Shaylyn Bernhardt Communications & Engagement Manager, CERTs [email protected] 612-626-0556
Gerit Bethke Researcher - Muehlbauer Lab [email protected] 612-625-5274
Kevin Betts Researcher - Wyse Lab [email protected] 612-625-6207
Krishna Bhandari Researcher 5- Jungers Lab [email protected]
Siddhi Bhusal Researcher 6/Assistant Breeder in Soybean Breeding and Genetics Program [email protected] 612-625-9263
Melissa Birch Rural Energy Development Manager & Central CERT Coordinator [email protected] 218-866-2338
Katherine Bohn Researcher - Jungers Lab [email protected] 315-350-0261
Sonia Bolvaran Researcher - Lorenz Lab [email protected] 612-624-6724
Lois Braun Researcher - Wyse Lab, Hazelnut researcher [email protected] 651-641-1880
Anthony Brusa Researcher - Anderson Lab [email protected] 612-625-9204
Lori Buboltz Finance Manager [email protected] 612-625-8891
Bruna Bucciarelli Researcher - Stupar Lab [email protected] 612-625-7038
Todd Busker Finance Professional [email protected] 612-625-0276
Sergio Cabello Leiva Researcher-Smith Lab [email protected]
Constance Carlson Market Research, RSDP [email protected] 612-624-8452
Anibal Cerrudo Researcher- Naeve Lab [email protected]
Ratan Chopra Researcher - Wyse Lab [email protected]
Jesse Christenson Researcher- Naeve Lab [email protected]
Emily Conley Researcher - Anderson Lab [email protected] 612-624-3252
Julija Cubins Post-Doctoral Associate- Wells Lab [email protected] 305-491-0829
Colin Cureton BD Spec 2-Strat Alliances- Wyse Lab [email protected] 612-624-3749
Grace Doyle Researcher- Stupar Lab [email protected] 630-697-4561
Kelly Duzan Agronomy Greenhouse Manager [email protected] 612-625-1748
Fritz Ebinger CERTS Education Program Specialist [email protected] 612-626-1028
Rafael Echenique Researcher - Lorenz Lab [email protected] 612-624-6724
Majula Elmore Researcher 6- Muehlbauer Lab [email protected]
Jennifer Flor Researcher - Lorenz Lab [email protected] 612-624-3252
Walter Friedli Researcher 1-Stupar Lab [email protected] 6124694869
Lester Dave Grafstrom Researcher - Ehlke Lab [email protected]
Samatha Gunapati Postdoctoral Associate - Stupar Lab [email protected] 612-443-1683
Emily Haeg Nguyen RSDP/CERTs Sustainability Storyteller [email protected] 763-607-5519
Mark Hamann Research Plot Technician - Wyse Lab [email protected] 617-922-0196
Alexander Hard Researcher - Wells Lab [email protected] 612-594-8293
Joel Haskard Education Program Specialist, MNEXT Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships [email protected] 612-625-8759
Brett Heim Researcher - Anderson Lab [email protected] 612-625-8189
Shane Heinen Researcher - Muehlbauer Lab [email protected] 612-625-9701
Yadong Huang Researcher - Muehlbauer Lab [email protected] 651-239-0037
Mitch Hunter Associate Director of Forever Green Initiative; Adjunct Assistant Professor [email protected] 651-675-7380
Adenike Ige Post-Doctoral Associate- Smith Lab [email protected]
Richard Ted Jeo USDA-ARS [email protected]
Jane Jewett Researcher - MISA [email protected] 612-625-8235
Mitch Johnson Researcher- Naeve Lab [email protected]
Serena Jones White Graduate Program Coordinator [email protected] 612-625-5495
Maggie Kozak Executive Office & Admin. Specialist,, MNEXT Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships [email protected] 612-626-0555
Jitendra Kumar Researcher 5 - Muehlbauer Lab [email protected]
Ritesh Kumar Researcher 6- Stupar Lab [email protected] 573-554-4655
Andrew Leach Sustainable Commercialization Associate, Forever Green Initiative [email protected] 818-606-5310
Peter Lindstrom Program Associate - RSDP, CERTs [email protected] 612-625-9634
Junqi Liu Researcher - Stupar Lab [email protected] 612-625-6298
Sarah Lloyd Product Development - Forever Green/Jordan Lab [email protected] 920-210-7335
Lillian McGilp Laboratory Manager - Kimball Lab [email protected] 612-624-0739
Cesar Medina Culma Researcher- Smith/Xu [email protected] 5094609644
Erin Meier Director, Green Lands Blue Waters [email protected] 612-625-3709
Jill Miller Garvin Researcher - Naeve Lab [email protected] 612-625-5772
Daniel Monnens Researcher- Sadok Lab [email protected]
Leonardo Moros Researcher - Lorenz Lab [email protected] 612-624-6724
Steven Mulkey Post-Doctoral Associate - Stupar Lab [email protected]
Gail Nelson Executive Office & Administrative Specialist [email protected] 612-625-5211
Sienna Nesser Research Specialist- Wyse Lab, Forever Green Commercialization Research Specialist [email protected]
Jeff Neyhart USDA [email protected]
Sean O Mara Postdoctoral Associate - Muehlbauer Lab [email protected] 906-630-4785
Kristen Opitz Senior Administrative Director, Agronomy and Plant Genetics & Plant Pathology [email protected] 612-625-9226
Matthew Ott Post-Doctoral Associate-Anderson Lab [email protected]
Lissa Pawlisch Director, CERTS - RSDP [email protected] 612-624-2293
Jesse Puka Beals Research Plot Technician - Jungers Lab [email protected] 612-756-8680
Manbir Rakkar Post-Doctoral Associate - Jungers Lab [email protected] 612-391-5729
Vishnu Ramasubramanian Post-Doctoral Associate-Lorenz Lab [email protected] 515-598-6376
Evelyn Reilly Research Professional 3-MISA [email protected]
Aaron Reser Associate Director, Green Lands Blue Waters [email protected] 612-716-6159
Susan Reynolds Researcher - Anderson Lab [email protected] 612-501-8607
Tara Ritter Project Manager, KernzaCAP [email protected] 218-831-0763
Ed Schiefelbein Researcher 5 - Smith Lab [email protected] 612-625-0250
Greg Schweser Co Director, UMN RSDP Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems [email protected] 612-625-9706
Katherine Seager Information Exchange and MN SARE Co-Coordinator - MISA [email protected] 612-625-8235
Lovepreet Singh Post-Doctoral Associate- Elmore Lab [email protected] 202-770-7971
Catherine Springer Researcher - Muehlbauer Lab [email protected] 612-625-9701
Suma Sreekanta Researcher - Muehlbauer Lab [email protected] 612-625-5274
Adrian Stec Researcher 3 - Stupar Lab [email protected] 612-625-6223
Nathan Stuart Researcher - Anderson Lab [email protected]
Sarah Svoboda Communications Specialist, Green Lands Blue Waters [email protected] 5074218911
Amy Teller Researcher- Jordan Lab, Social Sustainability Researcher [email protected]
Alexis Troschinetz Behavioral Science and Evaluation Manager, CERTs [email protected] 612-626-0455
Guillermo Velasquez Rodrigiez Researcher - Smith Lab [email protected] 612-625-0250
Donn Vellekson Production Agronomist-Grass Seed Production [email protected] 612-625-9765
Dimitri von Ruckert Field Research Manager in Naeve Lab [email protected] 612-625-1784
Elisabeth Vose Executive Office & Administrative Specialist [email protected] 612-625-2740
Julia Zhang Researcher- Anderson Lab [email protected]
Xiaoxing Zhen Post-Doctoral Associate-Sadok Lab [email protected] 334-444-5644