Job Openings

Below is a list of our current job openings in the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics. You can explore other Agronomy and Plant Genetics and CFANS career opportunities by searching the University Job Board and entering "Agronomy and Plant Genetics" or "CFANS" in the search field.

Researcher 2 (Anderson Lab)

Director of Partnerships & Outreach (Forever Green Initiative)

Post-Doctoral Associate (Plant Breeder, Hazelnut Breeding Program)

Post-Doctoral Associate in Weed Ecology (Sarangi Lab)

Post-Doctoral Associate in Soybean Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Seed Composition (Stupar Lab)

Post-Doctoral Associate in Soybean Tissue Culture, Transformation, Gene Editing, and Molecular Genetics (Stupar Lab)                                                                                                        

Post-Doctoral Associate in Fusarium Head Blight (USDA Cereal Disease Lab with Dr. Drott)