Evelyn Reilly

Evelyn Reilly
Research Professional 3 - MN Inst. Sustainable Agriculture
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Continuous Living Cover cropping systems and Kernza research and outreach


I'm originally from Minneapolis, MN and became interested in sustainable agriculture as a way to protect the environment while addressing the human needs it supports. After earning a B.S. in Food Systems from the University of Minnesota, I spent time working as a cook, cheesemonger, and freelance writer before returning to the U to complete a Masters degree in Applied Plant Sciences, advised by Dr. Jake Jungers in the Sustainable Cropping Systems lab. I now work as a Research Project Specialist for Green Lands Blue Waters and KernzaCAP, a USDA research grant on perennial grain development. Check out my work on a series of Continuous Living Cover Success Stories here! Other recent projects include a series on Source Water Protection with Kernza and a timeline of key milestones in Kernza development. Outside of work, I love reading, traveling, birdwatching, and reviewing small-batch, single-origin chocolate, including judging for the International Chocolate Awards.


Nitrogen transfer and yield effects of legumes intercropped with the perennial grain crop intermediate wheatgrass

Reductions in soil water nitrate beneath a perennial grain crop compared to an annual crop rotation on sandy soil

Climate Benefits of Increasing Plant Diversity in Perennial Bioenergy Crops

Our Journey to a Transformed Agriculture through Continuous Living Cover