Maicy Vossen

Maicy Vossen
Walid M Sadok
Eric Watkins

BA in Biology (2021) from Gustavus Adolphus College with studies in Public Health


Maicy is a Ph.D. student in the Applied Plant Science program with a focus in Horticultural Science. Her thesis research focuses on understanding the driving factors related to freezing tolerance in perennial ryegrass. Outside of her research, Maicy spends her time painting and is a fitness instructor. 

Areas of Interest

Freezing stress, plant physiology, plant systematics

Select Publications

Vossen, M.L.; Alhosawi, H.M.; Aney, K.J.; Burrack, L.S. CaMad2 Promotes Multiple Aspects of Genome Stability Beyond Its Direct Function in Chromosome Segregation. Genes 2019, 10, 1013.